Cult Launches 18 Oz. Denim

What’s the inspiration behind these new 18 oz denims?

What makes the Japanese selvage denim unique, special?

Tell us a bit about the different looks/fades?

What sort of experience can the wearer expect from extra heavy weight denim?

[9/29/14, 6:13:57 PM] Gil Aranowitz: Hey Ron… just let me know when you are available and we’ll jump on a Skype call //-g- [9/29/14, 6:31:54 PM] Gil Aranowitz: Call started [9/29/14, 6:32:29 PM] Gil Aranowitz: Call ended 26 seconds [9/29/14, 6:32:48 PM] Gil Aranowitz: Call started [9/29/14, 6:33:02 PM] Gil Aranowitz: Call ended 14 seconds [9/29/14, 6:33:13 PM] bleumessiah: IT IS NOT WORKING. I CANNT HEAR YOU [9/29/14, 6:33:43 PM] bleumessiah: I WAS JUST SKPING MY FAMILY WHEN YOU CALLED. SO I KNOW MY SKYPE IS WORKING PROPERLY [9/29/14, 6:39:31 PM] Gil Aranowitz: Hey Ron… we just have a few questions on the 18 oz. denims so we can do a kick ass write up. Feel free to add or embelish anyway you feel is important to get the story right [9/29/14, 6:39:42 PM] bleumessiah: ok [9/29/14, 6:39:48 PM] Gil Aranowitz: So question 1 - [9/29/14, 6:39:51 PM] Gil Aranowitz: What’s the inspiration behind these new 18 oz denims? [9/29/14, 6:40:26 PM] bleumessiah: well it really fits into the entire heritage denim concept [9/29/14, 6:40:42 PM] bleumessiah: denim was originally a worker fabric. [9/29/14, 6:40:50 PM] bleumessiah: miners, farmers, etc [9/29/14, 6:40:56 PM] bleumessiah: built to lasst. [9/29/14, 6:41:20 PM] bleumessiah: so originally denim were heavier in weight to withstand the rigors of the work day. [9/29/14, 6:41:42 PM] bleumessiah: most denim brands have gone away for weights in excess of 13.5 oz [9/29/14, 6:42:07 PM] bleumessiah: but there are a few that still pay homage to our forefathers denim [9/29/14, 6:42:30 PM] bleumessiah: most of which have been the japanese that developed a love affair with american denim. [9/29/14, 6:43:01 PM] bleumessiah: ti be a real denim connoisseur , one needs to be a student of the history of denim. s [9/29/14, 6:43:44 PM] bleumessiah: so we have really tried to being back the workwear and heavier weight denim to show we are a true jeansmith [9/29/14, 6:43:59 PM] bleumessiah: some 17oz, and 18 oz. [9/29/14, 6:44:25 PM] bleumessiah: some brands go up to 21 and 24oz denim as well. [9/29/14, 6:44:33 PM] bleumessiah: good enough?? [9/29/14, 6:44:37 PM] Gil Aranowitz: Cool, good stuff. [9/29/14, 6:44:43 PM] bleumessiah: question #2 [9/29/14, 6:44:58 PM] Gil Aranowitz: What sort of experience can the wearer expect from extra heavy weight denim? [9/29/14, 6:45:06 PM] bleumessiah: person who wears it must really love and appreciate denim. it is not for the average consumer [9/29/14, 6:45:30 PM] bleumessiah: hmmmm [9/29/14, 6:45:36 PM] bleumessiah: sweatyballs [9/29/14, 6:45:44 PM] Gil Aranowitz: haha [9/29/14, 6:46:12 PM] bleumessiah: you get a feeling of protection. feel more secure when riding motorcycle, and heavy duty work... [9/29/14, 6:47:02 PM] bleumessiah: and the heavy weight denim has a heavy weight texture. so definitely feels different when wesring [9/29/14, 6:47:19 PM] Gil Aranowitz: That’s cool. More of an old-school workingman’s feel [9/29/14, 6:47:28 PM] bleumessiah: yes [9/29/14, 6:47:53 PM] Gil Aranowitz: What makes the 18 oz. Japanese selvage denim unique, special? [9/29/14, 6:51:36 PM] bleumessiah: in general, the cotton that is used in japanese is different. and it certainly effects the characteristic of the denim. and they have bought may of the machines that weave selvage denim and shipped to japan. it takes a much longer time to weave a selvage denim compared to a regular denim. and it also takes more time to weave an 180z denim vs a 13oz denim [9/29/14, 6:53:02 PM] bleumessiah: good? [9/29/14, 6:53:15 PM] Gil Aranowitz: Got it. So what does that mean for the wearer? For many guys, “jeans are jeans”. What does premium denim like this 18 oz fabric give them in terms of style, looks, comfort? What does it say out about them? [9/29/14, 6:53:25 PM] bleumessiah: really cannot wear above 18-19oz... anything higher is not wearable [9/29/14, 6:54:07 PM] bleumessiah: fuck... too early n morning to think this hard... lol [9/29/14, 6:54:22 PM] Gil Aranowitz: This is “the money question” [9/29/14, 6:54:29 PM] bleumessiah: obviously, not everyone can wear a jean of this weight. [9/29/14, 6:57:47 PM] bleumessiah: so for a person to wear something of this quality, it is saying that they are either a conneseur of denim, fashion savy trend setter. whenever someone puts on an article of clothing, that are essentially painting an image of what they want people to perceive them like. a person that wears an 18oz denim is a purist. hip, trendy and not afraid to think outside the box. they want people to recognize that. they are cut from a different cloth. [9/29/14, 6:57:57 PM] bleumessiah: how is that? [9/29/14, 6:58:11 PM] bleumessiah: tough question. you guys will need to elaborate [9/29/14, 6:58:33 PM] Gil Aranowitz: Good, good. Just winding up. We’ll make it shine. Last question… [9/29/14, 6:58:55 PM] Gil Aranowitz: Tell us a bit about the different looks/fades? Also, any 18oz dry denim on the way? [9/29/14, 7:04:59 PM] bleumessiah: what i did this fall season was i was able to access some original levis jeans from the 1940'that were worn from a raw state and became naturally vintage and later restores and preserved. i then replicated those washes 100% to really create a very organic and naturally aged jean. the tester is so beautiful with the 180z denim... because of the weight of the denim, it would take years of wear to eve get the look naturally. we saved the end consumer much time creating this authentic aged 18oz jean in several different washes... we live in a fast paced world. and most people would not have the patience to wear the jeans to get the same look. we helped them out. [9/29/14, 7:05:42 PM] bleumessiah: and yes, for the denim purist that has the passion for denim and the do it yourself mentality, we will be offering a raw in both 17 and 18oz for fall 2015. [9/29/14, 7:05:51 PM] bleumessiah: cool? [9/29/14, 7:06:22 PM] Gil Aranowitz: Awesome Ron. I got what I need. We’ll get working on a kick ass write-up for the blog [9/29/14, 7:06:57 PM] bleumessiah: thanks guys! [9/29/14, 7:07:14 PM] Gil Aranowitz: Thank you! Speak soon

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